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if your account was created in 2014 and 2015 before December, you need to migrate your account!

to migrate your account, you need to log into it, and click on the button migrate your account, you will not lose anything that was in the account.

to migrate your account, then here! log in your account or http://kr2por.com/account/legacy/migrate.jsp

1.Login to your account. (Here you can migrate your account! http://kr2por.com/account/legacy/migrate.jsp
2.Click on the "Migrate account" button
3.Verify your identity (verify your email or verify with security questions) 
4.Create a new account (on a new browser page) 
5. Come back in kr2por.com/account/legacy/migrate.jsp
6.click on the "Migrate account" 
button Ready! (Create an account with the same email as the account you are transferring!)
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